Weekly Godot Japan 2023-03-02

by Godot japan - 2023/03/02 15:15:54
今週(2023年2月23日〜2023年3月2日)のGodot Engineに関するニュースをお届けします。
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"Godot 4.0 is here! Quality of Life Features and Workflow Enhancements" を YouTube で見る

You can finally download Godot 4.0 stable! In this video, let's check the fundamental workflow and quality of life changes, additions and enhancements brought to Godot 4.0. All links mentioned in the video: https://alfredbaudisch.com/blog/godot-4-0-is-here-release-overview-quality-of-life-features/ Get my Godot course on Itch (60% off to celebrate Godot 4.0): https://bit.ly/GodotUI or Skillshare: https://skl.sh/35VyvE1. The Inventory System is OPEN-SOURCE: https://bit.ly/GodotOpenSourceInventory - if you want to learn how to make it from scratch, you can get the course :) Chapters: 00:58 3D Import Settings 01:50 Animation Libraries 02:17 Animation Retargeting 02:43 Blender Importer 03:16 GDScript 2.0 04:49 Script Editor Enhancements 05:46 Exported Custom Resources 06:31 Automatic Code Documentation 07:21 C# 10 and .NET 6 07:44 Multiple Window Support 08:35 Visual Layout Options 08:50 Improved Sub-resource Editing 09:02 GDExtension 09:33 Consistent Node Names 09:53 Toggeable Editor Features 10:05 Improved Localization 10:23 Git by Default 10:34 Godot Course 11:23 More Godot 4.0 Features Thumb background island scene: Tropical Island Scene in Godot 4 (Alpha 8) - Terrain, Water & Placement by Wojtek Pe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roAt9Y49DY8 Do you want to support the channel or sponsor my open-source projects? - PayPal: https://bit.ly/AlfredBaudischPaypal - Join the channel as Super Member: https://bit.ly/AlfredBaudischJoinChannel - Become a patron via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alfredbaudisch My links: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlfredBaudisch - Website: https://alfredbaudisch.com - Github: https://github.com/alfredbaudisch Quer apoiar o canal? 🇧🇷 - PagSeguro: https://pag.ae/7VHJXdBhH - PayPal: http://bit.ly/CriaJogoPayPal

"Godot 4 is now Stable!! Lets Go!" を YouTube で見る

Godot 4 is finally stable and ready for you to start developing your production games!



"Godot 4 Is Here!" を YouTube で見る

The long process of waiting for Godot is... over! The open source Godot game engine just released Godot 4! In this video we look at the key new features including SDFGI and Voxel Global Illumination, the new Vulkan Render, the new 2D Tilemap editor, Occlusion culling and much more! The graphics used in this video are part of the current Synty Humble Bundle available here: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/syntys-polygon-game-dev-assets-bundle-3-software?partner=gamefromscratch Read More Here: https://gamefromscratch.com/godot-4-released/ Timeline: 0:00 Video Introduction 0:53 FBX & Automatic LOD Generation 1:39 Occlusion Culling 4:07 Signed Distance Field Global Illumination (SDFGI) 4:56 Dynamic Sky Shaders 6:01 Screen Space Indirect Lighting (SSIL) 7:50 Voxel Based Global Illumination 9:21 Volumetric Fog 9:55 Fog Volumes 10:40 New 2D Features 10:50 Improved 2D Tilemap Tools 12:27 Release Notes Overview 15:05 GDScript and C# Changes 15:44 Physics Changes 17:30 Misc Editor and Internationalization Improvements 21:!2 Other Read More Resources 23:00 Conclusion and Outro


GitHub - folt-a/godot-project-design-links: Design all Godot editor items. Godot4 addon.

Design all Godot editor items. Godot4 addon. Contribute to folt-a/godot-project-design-links development by creating an account on GitHub.

Release 4.0.0 · Scony/godot-gdscript-toolkit

Added Added new GDScript 2.0 constructs to the core testcases Added support for await Added support for typed arrays Added support for annotations Added support for unique node names Added support...

GitHub - Brawmario/libsm64-godot

Contribute to Brawmario/libsm64-godot development by creating an account on GitHub.

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